Preview: Susan & Oliver’s Wedding Photography at Kew Gardens

Susan & Oliver had a beautiful intimate wedding at Cambridge Cottage in Kew Gardens on Friday. Susan is originally from Pennsylvania, US, and has travelled a fair bit around the world before coming to London and meeting Oliver. They love spending time at Kew Gardens so it was an obvious choice for their wedding and who wouldn't love to get married here?!

I really enjoyed photographing their wedding and hope to see them again in the future - perhaps when Oliver's bro gets married? 😉 With the amount of encouragement from their friends, it surely can't be long before he proposes. And now that his girlfriend caught the bouquet at Susan & Oliver's wedding (purely by chance with no favouritism shown in any way haha), I assume the date can't be far off. Best of luck to you both and a massive congratulations once again to Susan & Oliver.

Kew Gardens wedding photographer

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