About Nick

The magic of wedding photography for me is that it combines light and love.

Let me explain.

My passion for photography began with light. I was seven years old when I was given my first camera (a Konica Tomato). We have photo albums full of the pictures that I took of holiday sunsets – even from that early age, it was the light that captivated me. And it still is: the light on the far side of a dark cloud making it glisten, when it highlights spiderwebs coated in morning dew, or how it sets the tone of a portrait. Lighting shapes how we see the world.

Capturing the perfect wedding photograph combines that magic of getting the right lighting, with capturing the love a couple feels for one another. I feel honoured that people love my take on the world and want me to apply that to capturing their special day for them. And I feel that all the more keenly since I got married myself.

So when they look back on their wedding album in years to come, I want them to see that love that brought them together in every shot.

Light and love – it’s the perfect combination.