Preview: Sarah & David’s Wedding Photography at Penshurst Place

No matter what time of year it is in England, you never can tell what sort of weather you'll have. You can have perfect sunshine and blue skies in January, snow in April, and rain in July. So, you just have to not let it faze you and enjoy yourself regardless. Sarah & David were great examples of how to do this. It may have rained for a lot of yesterday, but like at this moment when they left the church, the rain didn't diminish the smiles on their (or the guests') faces.

I joined Sarah yesterday as she was getting ready at the parents' house of one of her closest friends. From here we went to St. Mary Church in Sevenoaks for the ceremony. This church has a strong family connection for Sarah as her mum was actively involved here and she previously lived on the same road as it. After the guests arrived on two Routemaster Double-decker buses, everyone moved inside for a beautiful ceremony conducted by Rev. Lynette Liethead.

We all then headed to the magnificent Penshurst Place for the wedding reception, for photos, food, speeches, and lots of dancing. I particularly enjoyed their ceilidh dance, seeing the happy couple and lots of their guests getting fully into the dancing with smiles all around.

Congratulations once again Sarah & David and I hope you have a amazing and relaxing honeymoon.

Penshurst Place wedding photographer

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