Saori & Ed’s Wedding Photography in Tunbridge Wells

I love how more and more couples are breaking away from the norm and having weddings that are truly personal to them. The majority of Saori and Ed's big day took place at Ed's parent's farm near Tunbridge Wells. Aside from the personal connection, the choice to have it there was obvious for all - beautiful rolling orchards across Kent countryside, rustic character, lovely features such as the oast houses. But beyond that, they're decorated it beautifully and I think many guests wondered if this was an established wedding venue, and not just the result of their own creativity and hard work for their special day (although I wouldn't be surprised to see this venue appearing as an official wedding venue in years to come.

Tunbridge_Wells_Wedding_Photographer 1
Tunbridge_Wells_Wedding_Photographer 2
Tunbridge_Wells_Wedding_Photographer 3
Tunbridge_Wells_Wedding_Photographer 4
Tunbridge_Wells_Wedding_Photographer 5
Tunbridge_Wells_Wedding_Photographer 6
Tunbridge_Wells_Wedding_Photographer 7
Tunbridge_Wells_Wedding_Photographer 8
Tunbridge_Wells_Wedding_Photographer 9
Tunbridge_Wells_Wedding_Photographer 10
Tunbridge_Wells_Wedding_Photographer 11
Tunbridge_Wells_Wedding_Photographer 12

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