Preview: Carly & Andy’s Wedding Photography at The Archbishop’s Palace

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Carly & Andy at The Archbishop's Palace in Maidstone, Kent. I'd first met Carly 4 years ago when doing a portrait photography session with her son Theo, so I was extremely pleased to see her again, and to be the one to photograph her wedding to Andy. It was lovely meeting Carly & Andy's families, to see how much Theo has grown up, and to meet their daughter Lila.

After the ceremony, I took a few photos with them in the beautiful grounds in front of the palace, finishing off with this portrait of them in front of Andy's incredible MK1 Escort Ghia. We then drove to The Curious Eatery and whilst driving behind them, I could see all the appreciative looks at the car from other motorists and pedestrians. It was a beautiful day that I'm glad I was a part of, and wish them an amazing time in Ibiza where there celebrations will continue this week.

Archbishops Palance wedding

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