After my wedding, my wife and I were very emotional for a few days. Words cannot adequately describe the feeling of thanks and love we felt for everyone that attended our wedding and made the day possible. We also couldn’t wait to see some photos ☺ With this in mind, I always get a preview photo online within 48 hours of the wedding – usually on my website & instagram (unless otherwise requested).

After that, the main process of wedding photography begins – editing the photos. This can take upwards of 10 full days, which when mixed in with other weddings, meetings, emails, administration etc., can mean in peak season that it takes up to 12 weeks for the pictures to be fully edited and put online. It’s important not to rush this as every photo is worked on independently, but whenever I can, I will have them online and available sooner for you.

During the day, you’ll hear me take lots of photos, but as I am, I will be making real time adjustments to lighting & composition. I will also be trying to capture people where they are not blinking or their mouths are in strange positions whilst talking. Although this isn’t always possible, I will always include at least one or two of the best shots of any given moment, so as to give you a great range of coverage throughout the day. It’s necessary to take these images as part of the working process, but they are not the final image, and are therefore deleted straight away. I do not release any images not included with the final set of images, because they were not created or intended as final products.

When the gallery goes online, you can view the images as they are, or click the first, hit ‘slideshow’ and sit back and let them scroll before your eyes. The gallery is beautiful and simple, & works on computers, tablets and mobiles. It lets you pick your favourites for the album, and you can share it with anyone around the world to show off your special day. Guests can even order prints through it, so you don’t have to deal with 100s of print orders following your wedding.

Once I know which images you’d like for your included prints, I will send your USB Flashdrive along with the prints to you as soon as possible.

After that, I sincerely hope you’ll stay in touch, whether that is for producing a wedding album, baby pictures (when the times comes ☺ ), or just because, it’s always nice to hear from couples I have worked with.

If you would like an album, and I can highly recommend the albums I offer. I've tried many companies and the ones I supply are the best I have ever seen.


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