We have now reached the time to design your perfect wedding album. I always love this part, as for me, it is the album which is most important. It is the album that will be brought out to look through in years to come, and handed down to future generations. For such an important aspect, you’ll be pleased to know that the album supplier I use are the leaders in the industry, & each album is hand-made in Italy. They also offer a tremendous range of options to choose from meaning each album can be truly unique to each couple. Although the number of options can be daunting at first, I urge you to spend time choosing each aspect to suit you both, and you'll have an album you'll treasure far more than if you go for the standard.

You can view the website of the album manufacturer that I use here -

It'll be helpful to look through their site, see some of the options and look at what I am referring to as you go through the following points in choosing your album.

There are two main types of wedding albums that I supply - 'The Original Wedding Book' and 'The Young Book'

By looking through the website, you will notice some of the differences between these, but most of the styling options such as cover material, lining, page thickness are available for both. The main differences between them are the following

- the binding system on 'The Original Wedding Book' is far more substantial and has a life-time guarantee.
- 'The Young Book' comes as standard with a fully customisable box with a hinged lid, although there is a very similar alternative to this box that is available for 'The Original Wedding Book' that isn't hinged (purchasable as an upgrade on the standard Emerald package).
- 'The Young Book' is more modern in appearance and has cleaner / simpler lines to it's design.
- 'The Young Book' costs less than 'The Original Wedding Book'

Both options are absolutely gorgeous and I'm very happy to offer either. My wife and I have 'The Original Wedding Book' for our album but both really like the 'Young Book' as well.

Each of the options listed for both album types affect the price, so it's hard to put prices next to most things without knowing the size of the album you choose, so it's best to let me know your wish-list, and then I will price it up for you.

It works best to average around 2 images per page, so a 40 page album would mean choosing around 80 images. You can squeeze slightly more photos in for the larger albums, and you can always add pages to fit more images in if you wish.

Another thing you may wish to consider is the inclusion of ‘Parent Albums.’ For my wedding, we ended up buying additional albums, for my parents, my wife’s grandparents, her parents, and her auntie and uncle. Parent albums are a great addition to make, because they’re so reasonably priced. You can add 2 parent albums, 15x20cm, with 40 pages (with hardback covers and smooth paper), for only £100 total. Or if you want something bigger, the next size up is 20x30cm, which is £100. If you go to this size, you have other options for cover type (if you wanted something more than the hardback cover). Please note that the parent albums are an exact copy of the layout design as the main album.

You can view examples of both types of album by clicking this text.

Choose which style of album you'd like and click the appropriate image below to make your choices for that album.

link to original wedding book album options
link to young book wedding album options

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