My style is a mix of portraiture and reportage.

I love to photograph the story of the day, recording all the little personal touches you’ve chosen, the atmosphere, the emotion, and as many of those special moments as possible. I also like to create stunning portraits of the bride and groom. Capturing things as they happen is fine, but it’s only when prompted, that people will stand in a flattering way, in locations that show their venue off, and in areas of lighting where the couple looks best. This doesn’t mean rigid old-fashioned poses.

The portraits are tailored to every couple with as little or as much guidance in posing as requested. Some people are happy in front of a camera and act natural, but a lot of us, tend to tense up at first and need (and ask for) some help in how to stand so that we look our best. I will work with every couple differently creating shots unique to each of them.
I love creating stunning wide angle portraits that are dramatic and cause couples to ask “Is that really us?”, but I also like to get in close to see more of the emotion between you both and giving a more natural feel.

I use a wide variety of lenses and shoot with two cameras on me at once. The reason for all the lenses is that each lens excels in different situations, and is used for a different purpose to give specific results. I use two cameras for two main reasons: firstly, I have an immediate back-up on me should anything go wrong with one of them at any time, & secondly, I use a different lens on each camera which gives the potential for a wide variety of types of shots within a short space of time. It’s like having two photographers there the whole time, that have the same level of skill, the same type, and the same creative vision, giving you consistency throughout your images.


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