'The Young Book' has fewer options but there are still plenty to make something unique to you and your partner.

Now that you have selected the style of your album, I would like you to think about the size, shape, and orientation.

I've put these together because they are very interlinked. I personally prefer the square option, but one thing to consider here is the cost impact; a 20x20cm square album, costs the same as a 20x30cm landscape / portrait view album. This means you're getting roughly 50% less page area, and therefore less room for photos in a square album. You should choose whichever size, shape, and orientation you prefer, as you're not going to remember the price difference in years to come.

Here are the sizes available:

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 09.49.35

You'll also see in the image above that there are a number of paper options available: photographic, metallic, Tintoretto or Photo Fine Art. I recommend either photographic or metallic. Some people prefer metallic as it looks a little more special, but it also affects the colours slightly, and so I prefer photographic. All of these options are available with either matt or gloss lamination. The Tintoretto has a nice texture that sets it apart, and The Photo Fine Art has a grain in the image which is reminiscent of classic film grain. Each option would suit a different style of couple.

Please make a note of the size, shape, and orientation (portrait, square, or landscape), options you have chosen, along with the paper type and paper finish, and move on to the next stage.

'The Young Book albums' come as standard with a plain white lining to the inside of the cover, but you have the option to change this to one of the following luxury linings. At only £10 extra, I think they are a great value extra addition to any album and really make it look that extra bit special. Why not pick a colour that matches your theme?

There are 2 options for the thickness of the pages of your album - thick, and rigid. The rigid pages are only available for books with 36 pages or less, but thick pages available for albums of any size. An added option for 'The Young Book' is the ability to choose a colour for the sides of the pages of your album, enabling you to match or contrast the album cover colour.

Please make a note of your lining choice, page thickness, and if you wish to colour the sides of the pages and move on to the next stage.

Choose from any of the options below for your cover or choose an image from the wedding that you would like printed across the surface.

All of these options are also available for the box, including full image printing across the surface.

Then you have the choice of the following ribbons:

By now, you should have all of your choices for the following: size of album, page thickness, paper type and lamination preference, colour of paper edge, cover material & whether to print names on cover and if so, in what colour, album lining, box cover, box interior and ribbon colour. Please send your choices to me with a page number preference and I'll get back to you as soon as possible with the cost.

Please click on this text to see examples of what other couples have chosen for their albums

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