Preview: Zoe & Carl’s Wedding Photography at Winters Barns

Ah, it was great to be back at Winters Barns yesterday, and an absolute pleasure photographing Zoe and Carl's wedding. The guys all looked sharp at Sinatra in their tailored suits and the girls all looked beautiful in their dresses. I got a great vibe off of Zoe and Carl from the start for how much they love each other, and their displays of affection and Carl's speech further supported this feeling. They clearly looked like best friends as well and a couple. As you'd expect hearing this, they were also both very excited and full of emotion before the ceremony and I thought Carl's tears as Zoe walked down the aisle was a beautiful show of strength.

I had a great day photographing their wedding and wish them both lots of happiness together. Congratulations Zoe & Carl!

Winters Barns wedding photographer

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