Preview: Susannah & Ben’s Wedding Photography

Susannah & Ben were married at All Saints Church, Putney Common. This is a lovely church that is just a short walk from the Thames, and yet is surprisingly surrounded by grassland. It's near to where they live so has that local connection, and is also conveniently located near to their chosen reception venue, The London Rowing Club.

They say you start feeling old in life when the police officers start looking young and I do remember first noticing that. Well, I can tell you that you feel even older when church Reverends look young. It was a beautiful service conducted by Rev. Daniel Trott, who is perhaps the youngest reverend that I have worked with - either that or I'm just getting older faster than I realised.  After the ceremony, we stayed at the church for a few family photos, and then jumped into taxis to the rowing club for the reception and wedding breakfast.

Shortly before the ceremony began, the skies which had been blessing the day with a constant drizzle took things up a gear and gave us a full on downpour which didn't let up for the rest of the day. Thankfully once everyone was at the club, they could drink, eat, and celebrate together, paying little attention to what was going on outside. Here is Susannah & Ben enjoying an umbrella lined confetti blessing as they departed their church after the ceremony.

Congratulations to you both and I hope you have a lovely honeymoon when the time comes. I'm especially interested if the destination turns out to be one starting with the letter 'S' or 'B' (Ben's speech mentioned that Susannah seems to have a particular penchant for visiting places that share the same starting letter as her name. I suspect this may be a coincidence but Susannah didn't deny it.

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