Preview: Lauren & Joe’s Wedding Photography at Hayne House

Lauren & Joe waited 922 days for this day. That number sounds crazy just typing it, but think about what that means. Think about how long that must have felt, and how surreal the day must have been for them to actually be happening.

Their original wedding was scheduled for 20th March 2020 (just before the first lock-down). It was then postponed to July and then November of 2020, and then understandably, they decided to just move the wedding way into the future to October 2022. They did actually get married in secret on the July 2020 date, but didn't even have their families present, and planned to treat the November date as the official wedding. Then things got postponed again, they let everyone know they were married, and looked forward to partying in 2022.

One benefit of the postponements was that they now had a very special addition to their family - a daughter, Elsie. She was a little grumpy on the day due to teething, but Lauren & Joe were so glad to have her be a part of their wedding and it's lovely to think how she will look back at the photos in the future, smiling at being there with mum and dad at their wedding celebration.

Lauren & Joe had a vow renewal ceremony with the actual registrar that married them in 2020, and then drinks and canapes under the lush Autumnal sunshine in the gardens at Hayne House. They then enjoyed a lovely meal by Touchays and speeches from the father of the bride, the groom, and the 3 best men. These guys clearly had a strong relationship with Joe that went back many years - as demonstrated by the incredible amount of stories they could draw on for their speeches. It makes me wonder if Joe was present for the rest of the evening after I left, or if his alter-ego Stubbsy appeared to wreak havoc lol.

It was a pleasure to finally photograph Lauren & Joe's wedding & I wish them all the best for their future together.


- Venue: Hayne House

- Catering: Touchays

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