Lucy & Simon’s Garden Wedding Photography

I do love a nice garden wedding. It's how weddings used to be - the ceremony up at the local church, and then back to the parents' house for a few drinks and sandwiches to celebrate. It's strange really, because in most styling aspects and for some more traditional things such as the cake cutting, my preference is for a much more alternative take, but the whole garden wedding really appeals to me. Of course, being a garden wedding doesn't necessarily mean traditional in other areas and certainly doesn't have to mean just a few triangular cut sandwiches; most people these days have massive marquees hired, incredible 3 course meals served by top caterers and then a dedicated dance floor for a DJ-led evening party. But, I do love locating the wedding at the family home, where every view or background has a history to the couple and that extra special connection.

Here are a selection of photos from Lucy and Simon's beautiful wedding in Sevenoaks - the ceremony at St. Thomas of Canterbury Church and then the wedding reception at Lucy's parents' house, just a short drive away.

Kent_Garden_Wedding_Photographer 1
Kent_Garden_Wedding_Photographer 2
Kent_Garden_Wedding_Photographer 3
Kent_Garden_Wedding_Photographer 4
Kent_Garden_Wedding_Photographer 5
Kent_Garden_Wedding_Photographer 6
Kent_Garden_Wedding_Photographer 7
Kent_Garden_Wedding_Photographer 8
Kent_Garden_Wedding_Photographer 9
Kent_Garden_Wedding_Photographer 10
Kent_Garden_Wedding_Photographer 11
Kent_Garden_Wedding_Photographer 12
Kent_Garden_Wedding_Photographer 13

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