Preview: Ann & John’s New Years’ Eve Wedding Photography at The High Rocks

Seeing as 2013 was such an extremely busy year for me (and particularly for wedding photography), it was perfectly fitting that on the last day of the year, I was photographing a wedding at my busiest venue of the year - The High Rocks in Tunbridge Wells.

High Rocks Wedding Photographer - Ann & John-1

At every wedding, where I am there during the wedding breakfast, which happens to be nearly every wedding, I normally like to keep myself busy while people eat, so go off to photograph details off the day, plan shots for later, and to photograph the rings. For this shot, a rain covered patio table was the setting, and a touch of flash from behind created the effect. The sparkles in the background reminded me of a glitter ball which I felt was perfect for a New Years Eve party of a wedding. I hope you like the photos and will update the blog again soon.

OK, so the weather wasn't exactly what anyone would have wished for, but it certainly could have been a lot worse and with breaks in the rain, we were actually able to get outside for a few photos.

High Rocks Wedding Photographer - Ann & John-2

This photo was actually one of the last of my time with Ann and John. They'd told me in our first conversations how they'd love a photo under the archway outside The High Rocks, so only very extreme weather was going to prevent that. However, rather than some of the standard shots I'd see here, I wanted to create something more dramatic and to use the overhead existing lighting in a more complimentary way.

High Rocks Wedding Photographer - Ann & John-3
High Rocks Wedding Photographer - Ann & John-4

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