Preview: Loren & Nick’s Wedding Photography at Hayne House

Loren and Nick were supposed to be getting married back in May, but when lockdown hit, like most couples with imminent weddings, they postponed to later in the year. Like them, I also thought at the time that things would be back to normal by September. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case, and what little relaxation was brought in for weddings back in August was snatched away again. Thankfully though, the date of the new restrictions was to occur after the weekend, so although their guest list was slimmed down to 30, they could still enjoy their wedding and escape from the stresses of the world for a day.

I read a lovely quote from Harry Potter this morning about weddings and it's been on my mind the whole day. Ginny Weasley says "Seems silly, doesn't it? A wedding. Given everything that's going on." To which Harry replies "Maybe that's the reason to have it. Because of everything that is going on."

Photographing Loren & Nick's wedding highlighted for me even more why weddings are important at the moment. Seeing them confess their love and commit to one another; watching the joy of their family and guests, and how everyone there joined in the happiness as one - these things are vital to our well-being and are thus more important than ever at the moment.

I had a great time working with Loren & Nick. They both looked amazing. The detail on Loren's dress was exquisite and suited her perfectly. I heard more than one guest comment that she was the most beautiful bride they had ever seen. Nick looked very stylish in a black suit with white accessories and a single white rose for his buttonhole. Their choices complemented each other's extremely well.

For their preview photo I've chosen one of the last photos taken during the day. This was after the cake, after the dancing, and not long before their day at Hayne House was due to finish. There was a cold northerly wind & drizzle in the air, so not the most welcoming of weathers for a portrait. But they trusted me with enthusiasm, ventured out into the cold wet dark evening, and looked like total rock stars.

Congratulations Loren & Nick! It was a real pleasure.

Hayne House Wedding Photographer
Hayne House Wedding Photographer


  • Venue: Hayne House
  • Florist: Ginger Lily
  • Videographer: TDH Media
  • Cake: Cobi & Coco
  • Band: Two Piece Temple
  • Caterer: Touchays
  • Props: Big Day Prop Hire
  • Make up & hair: Beyou Weddings
  • Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Slaters Canterbury
  • Bride's dress: Confetti & Lace

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