Preview: Lisa & Michael’s Wedding Photography at Rowhill Grange

Wow - yesterday's wedding between Lisa at Michael at Rowhill Grange has to have been the hottest of the year. When you're planning a summer wedding, you hope for good weather. This is especially so when you have your heart set on an outside ceremony, but that was the first time I have seen people using umbrellas at a wedding ceremony just to give themselves some shade and reprieve from the scorching rays. Still, I think we all knew it was very much preferred to a wet cold day and in the UK, you never know quite what you're going to get.

This was my first time as a wedding photographer at Rowhill Grange. I must look up at some point how many wedding venues we have in Kent, as there surely can't be many that I haven't worked at now. I must admit though, that I do love working at new venues and seeing how I can use the locations at them.

Lisa & Michael heard about me from Ness & Paul (friends of theirs whose wedding I photographed in 2017 at Lullingstone Castle.) and it was great to see them and their parents again yesterday. It's always a pleasure working with friends of couples I have worked with previously and yesterday was no different. Lisa and Michael trusted me when I took them walking around the grounds and loved seeing the results on the back of the camera. I'm sure they'll like the final result of one of the images even more here.

Congratulations once again Lisa & Michael!

Rowhill Grange Wedding Photographer

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