Jess & Jamie’s Wedding Photography at Northease Manor

Northease Manor is a school near Lewes, that opens it's doors for weddings and events during school holidays. These are organised by Circa Events, who I've previously worked with at a wedding at Goodsoal where they are the preferred caterers, so I knew everything would be well looked after. Northease Manor is a Grade II listed building, dating back to the 17th century, and is surrounded by open countryside and the South Downs. Add to this the combination of the thatched roof Tudor Hall, and flint covered surrounding buildings and you have the makings of a character filled wedding venue.

In bold contrast to these surroundings, and in admirable style, Jamie, chose to arrive to the wedding in a 1950s Atomic Orange Chevrolet Bell Air. I love Classic American cars and felt compelled to capture as many of the incredible details on this car as possible. And details, were in plentiful amounts throughout their wedding. Jamie had a custom made suit with coordinated tie, handkerchief, shoes, and cufflinks. The bridesmaids arrived in a VW Camper, and the bride looking immaculate with flowers in her hair, arrived in a classic VW Golf Convertible.

For wedding photographers at Northease, the background and in-situ details alone offer excellent potential for wedding photography, but with all of these details, it made the wedding one of my favourites of the year. I loved the mix of ancient English heritage with signs tellings guests which hashtag to use for any twitter posts, and little touches like the lemonade bar emphasised the summer party feel to the day.

Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 1
Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 2
Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 3
Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 4
Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 5
Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 6
Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 7
Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 8
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Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 10
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Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 12
Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 13
Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 14
Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 15
Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 16
Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 17
Northease_Manor_Wedding_Photographer 18

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