Holly & Dan’s Wedding Photography at The Blazing Donkey

I'd been especially looking forward to Holly & Dan's wedding for a few reasons: They were recommended to use me as their wedding photographer by one of my previous bride and grooms (which is always nice as it feels straight away like I'm working for friends); I got on with them really well ever since the first meeting; I had a great time with them when photographing their pre-wedding portrait session (despite spraining my ankle at the end of the session); and because this would be my first time working as a wedding photographer at The Blazing Donkey (their venue - great name, eh!).

On the wedding day, the weather couldn't have been much better. It was lovely and warm, sunny at times, and beautifully overcast at other times, giving me ideal soft lighting to work with for most of the day. The really spectacular weather happened in the evening though. I'd taken the bride and groom with their bridal party to the fields for some evening portraits and the sky was an incredible mix of sunset colours and oncoming dark storm clouds. It provided the sort of dramatic backdrop you wouldn't get on a clear sunny evening, and only 15 minutes afterwards we received some very heavy rain as a result. But, by this point, the evening reception was in full swing and if anything, it came as a blessing, as it kept all the guests in the marquee together rather than spreading out around the gardens.

Holly and Dan's entire wedding day happened at the same venue, with them both being able to get ready there beforehand, then have the ceremony, and the evening reception. I love weddings like this and can see why it's such an attraction to couples. It's so much less stressful for them when there is no driving around during the day, battling with traffic, and stressing about transport. Plus, with no time lost in journeys, the day goes slower and you get to enjoy it more. It also means that for me, I can photograph both the groom and groom getting ready, as it's just a short walk between rooms, which I love.

Here is a selection of photos from their gorgeous wedding at The Blazing Donkey:

Blazing_Donkey_Wedding_Photographer 1
Blazing_Donkey_Wedding_Photographer 2
Blazing_Donkey_Wedding_Photographer 3
Blazing_Donkey_Wedding_Photographer 4
Blazing_Donkey_Wedding_Photographer 5
Blazing_Donkey_Wedding_Photographer 6
Blazing_Donkey_Wedding_Photographer 7
Blazing_Donkey_Wedding_Photographer 8
Blazing_Donkey_Wedding_Photographer 9
Blazing_Donkey_Wedding_Photographer 10
Blazing_Donkey_Wedding_Photographer 11
Blazing_Donkey_Wedding_Photographer 12
Blazing_Donkey_Wedding_Photographer 13

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