Hannah & Adam’s Wedding Photography at Gravetye Manor

I remember so clearly when I first met Hannah and Adam to talk about their wedding. I don't think I have laughed so much meeting people for the first time before. I instantly liked them. I loved hearing about their choices for the wedding, and wholeheartedly understood their choice of wedding venue - Gravetye Manor.

I've been a wedding photographer at Gravetye Manor many times over many years now. I've been a recommended photographer at Gravetye Manor ever since they saw images from one of the first weddings I photographed there, and always look forward to working there. I feel honoured that they selected my images for the majority of their wedding pages on the website and look forward to returning there many times in the future.

From the time of their first booking me, I saw Hannah and Adam a few times before the wedding; including to photograph their newborn baby Pippa, and for their pre-wedding portrait session. Every time I saw them was like the first time - with plenty of laughter and I knew that their wedding would be a pleasure to photograph.

On the day itself, both the couple and the venue were, as expected, a dream to work with. The gardens at Gravetye Manor were looking amazing and as usual, I was spoilt for choice in terms of options for where to take portraits. However, one thing about their wedding stands out in my memory even more than the views, and that was the incredible speech given by Hannah's 3 uncles. I have never seen a speech like it. It basically involved a fictional life story of Hannah, from birth to the present day, delivered so well, you would have sworn it was a professional theatrical performance. I had to ask one of the uncles how they came up with something so imaginative and hilarious, to which he replied, they got together one evening, and aided by just the right amount of alcohol, just wrote it out. Easy.

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