Daisy & Laurence’s Wedding Photography at Winters Barns

I loved being Daisy and Laurence's wedding photographer at Winters Barns. They were such a great couple to work with and had lots of beautiful details to their day that really added to the atmosphere. When guests arrived at Winters Barns they were immediately surrounded by stylish and personal additions to this beautiful venue. Family photos adorned the shelves just inside the door, with jam jars wrapped in lace and twine. There were flowers in mixed vases in all directions and a stack of old suitcases with an incredible floral display on top. Their table plan was one of the most beautiful I have seen - a painted pallet with photo frames for each table with flowers and greenery entwined around it all. This was then set upon an old step ladder with more flowers and an old wooden box next to it with more flowers on top. The overall look achieved was amazing.

Another particularly striking feature was the centre table displays in the wedding breakfast room. There were stacks of old books with jam jars and old crockery on top and next to them, that were filled with flowers. The books were such a great addition here and something I'd never seen used before.

Daisy is a tattoo artist and her creativity was very evident in the wedding styling - I loved it. I also loved seeing the field next to Winters Barns in full golden glory with the crop showing it's incredible summer colours - the perfect setting for some evening portraits and a very happy wedding photographer

Winters Barns wedding photographer
Bridal prep wedding photography at Winters Barns
Wedding Photography of groom getting ready at Winters Barns
The groomsmen getting ready at Winters Barns
Dad seeing bride for first time at winters Barns
Portraits of bridesmaids and bride at Winters Barns
Wedding ceremony at Winters Barns
Post wedding ceremony celebrations and photography at winters barns
Alternative wedding photography of bride and groom at Winters Barns
Amazing table plan at wedding at Winters Barns
Wedding breakfast room at Winters Barns
The wedding speeches at Winters Barns
Winters Barns wedding photographer
Recommended wedding photographer at Winters Barns
First dance and party at wedding at winters barns

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