The Best of Wedding Photography 2015UK & Destination Wedding Photographer

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it has been to look back through all the weddings I have photographed this year. I feel so lucky to have been the chosen wedding photographer for all of these couples and can honestly say that I have put my heart and soul into photographing each and every one of their wedding days. Looking back through the photos has brought back so many emotions for me, and I hope that the images selected will bring about similar emotions for those viewing them.

Trying to narrow down which images to show has been a far harder task than I could have anticipated, and I feel bad for not including so many images, but I felt it was important for the blog to not be too long. This does obviously mean that not every wedding is featured here, but I will be adding a blog post for as many individual weddings as possible from last year in the comings weeks, so please check back to see more of each of the amazing weddings from 2015.

I was booked up extremely early for 2015 and all of the weddings were UK based, meaning I had to turn down a few destination weddings overseas. However, although I do love photographing destination weddings, I feel I am based in a truly stunning area of the UK with a plentiful supply of beautiful wedding venues to photograph at, so wasn’t disappointed at all. I returned to some of my favourite venues such as Hendall Manor Barns, Gravetye Manor, Chiddingstone Castle, Winters Barns, and Bradbourne House (to name just a few), and also worked at some new venues such as Chafford Park, & Goodsoal..

And now, I present a small selection of my favourite wedding photographs from 2015. I hope you enjoy looking at them a fraction of how much I enjoyed taking them.

Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 1Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 2Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 3Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 4Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 5Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 6Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 7Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 8Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 9Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 10Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 11Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 12Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 13Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 14Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 15Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 16Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 17Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 18Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 19Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 20Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 21Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 22Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 23Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 24Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 25Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 26Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 27Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 28Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 29Best_Of_Wedding_Photographer_2015 30