Preview: Tiff & Seb’s Wedding Photography at Wadhurst Castle

Tiff & Seb could give a class on how to best enjoy your wedding day. I say this not just because their wedding was lots of fun (for them, the guests, and me), but in how they just rolled with things during the day. Actually not just rolled, they were having the time of their lives all day, just as if everything was exactly as they had always wanted.

I don't mean to give the impression that lots of things went wrong (they didn't), but with English weather being (to paraphrase Forest Gump) "like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get", it did mean a few things had to adapt.

Despite being in mid-June, the day started off with rain, high winds, and a temperature more suitable to December. I started my coverage for them in Wadhurst at the Greyhound Hotel, where I would photograph Seb & his groomsmen having a pre-ceremony drink. However, the venue was undergoing renovations and although they had confirmed this would be fine prior to the wedding, they told me the bar wouldn't open for another hour. No problem, we relocated to another pub. That one also didn't open for another hour. No problem, I asked if we could do photos in there anyway and we just forgo the drink - great success.

I then joined Tiff and her bridal party at Wadhurst Castle where they were getting ready. With Tiff being from the USA, they wanted to do a first look before the ceremony, and also, to do most of the formal photos then. I know this isn't traditional for UK weddings, but it makes a lot of sense and frees you up more for mixing with your guests between the ceremony and wedding breakfast.

Once the registrars arrived, they made the decision that the ceremony couldn't be outside due to the passing showers and high-winds. No problem, the ceremony was moved inside (and Wadhurst Castle has a lovely inside option).

After the drinks reception, Seb's father and then Seb did speeches from the stairs leading from the Winter Garden to the lawn, and then everyone moved to the barn for the remaining speeches from Crystal (Maid of Honour and Tiff's sister, and Simon (the best man). I always love the speeches at weddings, but I think I'll remember aspects of these two speeches for a while. Crystal had everyone laughing at numerous times, but especially at her admittance of how she funded her flight cost (I won't explain his but I'm sure most of the guests will remember). Simon's speech was more of a comedy roast of Seb & Tiff which was executed perfectly.

If everyone wasn't already in the party mood, I think the speeches had definitely taken them there. After the meal, drinking games were being played, as well as a hollow duck being passed around the room for guests to fill said duck with their drink of choice, and then down the drink using the hole in the beak.

Everyone then moved back to the castle where Seb & Tiff poured the Champagne tower before passing the full glasses out to their guests. Tiff through the bouquet (s), and then the newly weds unveiled the Donut Wall from 'Temptation Towers'. 150 donuts, including 5 different flavours for their guests to enjoy. They were insistent that I have one, and I have to say, the triple choc was the nicest donut I think I have ever had.

They then officially started the evening party off with their first dance, which I'm sure was followed by a truly epic night.

I had a great time photographing Seb & Tiff's wedding at Wadhurst Castle. They have incredible chemistry, are absolutely besotted with each other, and their fun / easy going outlook (plus various things they'd arranged for the day) meant everyone had such a fun time.

For the preview photo, I think this encapsulates their wedding. With Tiff's hair blowing in the wind, arms around each other, and completely lost in their love, not worrying about anything else going on around them.

Congratulations Seb & Tiff!

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