Preview: Rosie & Lewis’ Wedding Photography at Nettlestead Place

Yesterday Rosie & Lewis got married at Nettlestead Place and it was absolutely beautiful. And, according to the bridesmaids, not only do the groom, his best man, and his brother all look very similar, I also joined them in that likeness, so I guess I found a few brothers from other mothers (my wife also agreed that we look similar). This prompted immediate shock and surprise when I joined the bride and bridesmaids in the morning and one bridesmaid thought the groom had just walked in the room. Perhaps this likeness was one reason why the wedding party were all so helpful to me and great fun to work with.

The whole day was beautiful but a particular mention has to go to the acoustic music provided by Two Piece Temple. After the ceremony and riding the celebratory high, the couple and their guests moved to a lawn that looks across the valley, the music started, the sun came out, and everyone was elevated even higher. They did a fantastic job and are a prime example of why I love live music at a wedding.

Congratulations to Rosie & Lewis & I hope you have an amazing honeymoon.

Nettlestead place wedding photographer

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