Please provide as much information as you feel will be helpful. Thank you

Please can you ensure that the area used is cleared of anything you would not want photographed before my arrival.

Most churches have some restrictions on the photography allowed. This can be as minimal as not allowing the use of flash, to completely forbidding all photography. Thankfully this is very rare, but you may find I am restricted to only one or two areas and asked not to move around during the ceremony.

The group photos can be a very important part of the wedding day & are an often expected tradition. Some couples have lots, and some have none. It's really up to you, but please allow 3 minutes per group photo with even more time for large groups (such as one of all guests).

To help move through the photos as fast as possible, it is often helpful to have a Toastmaster / Master of Ceremonies, or a friend who can call people for the next group, as I am photographing the current one.

Please also advise if there are any family dynamics that I should be made aware of, and sensitive to.

Please can you ask the caterers that my food is served at the same time as yours, so that if we wish to pop out for photos, we can do so?

Thank you so much for completing these questions. I will use your answers to put together a plan of the day, discuss this with you, and email you a copy. See you soon!