A new range of wedding albums…

Most of my clients will know that I pretty much only use one company for my wedding albums, for the simple reason that I feel they are the best available. They are hand-made in Italy and the quality is incredible. Added to this, they have lots and lots of options to choose from to customise your wedding album, making it truly unique to you.

Well, the same company has brought out a new range of albums, that come as standard with a wooden box to protect and store it in. Now those words don’t nearly do them justice as the combination of the box and album is truly stunning. And, being the company I love, they also offer lots of way to customise from colour of the ribbon, colour and material of the box, colour of the edges of pages, page type, page thickness, size of album, etc. etc.

These pictures are of the sample album, and even this simple contrast of white album, black box, looks beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing which of my wedding couple’s is the first to choose this album range.