Kirsty & Andy / Engagement Portrait Session / Kent

I first met Kirsty at a local business networking group a few years ago. Despite not actually being engaged at this point, she told me she had planned numerous aspects of her wedding, and was just waiting for the question to be popped. Through the course of attending the meetings, I was able to tell everyone (including Kirsty) more and more about how I like to shoot weddings, and show plenty of examples of my work. Something must have impressed as when the time came and the wedding date was set, Kirsty and her fiance Andy, decided to book me for their big day.

Amazingly that was nearly a year ago already and their big day is this coming Saturday. I’m very excited for them, and for me as I know it’ll be a great wedding to shoot. They’ve got a great venue and some very cool things planned making the day very unique to them.

But before all that, a couple of weeks ago, we met up for a pre-wedding / engagement portrait session. The location we decided on was Staffhurst Wood in Kent, which is a regular dog walking area for them, and with the bluebells out in force, it provided a spectacular area for the session.

I loved photographing them and am very much looking forward to their wedding. Here are a few of my favourites from their session


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